What is “EcoFriend”?

"EcoFriend" is a mechanism established by the NGO "Green Art Center - Prishtina (GAC)", which aims to create "Green Clubs" in public educational institutions in order to promote environmental education and civic activism. In 2014 the network “EcoFriend” and the establishment of “Green Clubs” have started implementation in 10 schools in the Municipality of Prishtina, in 3 schools in the Municipality of Obiliq, and in 2 schools in the Municipality of Fushe Kosovo. Now, “EcoFriend” has enabled the establishment of more than 61 “Green Clubs” throughout Kosovo, by providing also funding of more than 138 field activities (workshops, creation of infrastructure for their schools, artistic and promotional activities in the centers of the cities, etc.).


What are "Green Clubs"?


“Green Clubs” are voluntary groups formed by Green Art Center Prishtina (GAC) in the educational institutions in Kosovo, which mainly deal with activities that aim  improving the environment in their schools. These activities include the enrichment of green areas in schools, the creation of usable spaces for daily needs (seats, tables etc.),  capacity building of students for the treatment of the  environment, and above all the organization of professional and artistic activities and workshops which are organized in the field in order to increase public awareness of environmental issues in Kosovo.

How are generated financial revenues for "EcoFriend "?

By applying the concept of waste separation in their areas (the separation of waste in recyclable waste and in others) all members and supporters of the network "EcoFriend" create a certain amount of recyclable waste, which are stored in containers specified for recyclable waste. This amount of waste is taken from the company contracted by “EcoFriend” that deals with processing and trading of recyclable waste and for the amount of recyclable waste taken it allocates the certain amount of money as a donation for "EcoFriend ". By reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills the level of environmental pollution will be reduced and simultaneously the financial obligation towards the landfill (money of taxpayers). Hence, the community and the environment will benefit from this process.

How to become a certified supporter in “EcoFriend”?


By providing the infrastructure for waste separation (marked bins, containers, informational signs, etc.)  in the spaces of your institution/ company/ campus  and simultaneously by instructing employees and  other stakeholders to practice the waste separation  conform instructions presented in the guide of  "EcoFriend " you will manage the separation process  of recyclable waste from other waste.


By donating this amount of recyclable waste the company contracted by "EcoFriend", you directly contribute to the financial income "Green Clubs" and "EcoFriend" network.

All instructions and also the application form to be certified as "EcoFriend" will be found on as well as you can contact us in 038 220 439.



Your Benefits!
  1. By contributing in strengthening the network "EcoFriend", you will live in a cleaner environment, and recyclable waste which will be subjected to processing and recycling will not end up in landfills in Kosovo;
  2. You will directly contribute to the education of young generations in Kosovo. Furthermore, “Green Clubs” which will be present in all primary and secondary schools in Kosovo (currently in 76 schools in Pristina, Gjilan, Obiliq, and Fushe Kosovo) will generate income and they will fund their monthly activities;
  3. You will get the certificate "EcoFriend". In addition, all institutions and companies certified with "EcoFriend" will be considered as supporters of the community in Kosovo;
  4. Institutions and companies certified with "EcoFriend" will be promoted in all activities of “Green Clubs” in Kosovo. The logos of the supporters of "EcoFriend" will be shown in all promotional materials, public advertising, media (written,               electronic, and TV), monthly publication of activities in the newspaper, monthly chronic in national television, digital  platform (mjedisi. com), etc. At the same time, during the joint activities of “Green Clubs” in the squares of cities you will have the opportunity to expose for free a promotional activity for your company where will be promoted your  institution/ company and your services to the citizens. In particular, in the annual event of "EcoFriend" April 22 (International Earth Day) you will be the permanent part of the exhibition "EcoFriend".
  5.  In cooperation with NGO GAC, you will be able to engage the "Green Clubs" to your promotional and artistic activities, by presenting works of "Green Clubs" in these activities;
  6. Video clips, graphic contents, digital applications and campaigns of "EcoFriend" which will be promoted to the public can be partly realized in the spaces of your institution/ company; 6
  7.  With the development and inevitable expansion of the community "EcoFriend", your presence in public opinion will increase constantly;
  8. You will be part of various projects the main purpose of which is the development  of institutions/ companies in the field of waste management, energy efficiency and the improvement of production process implemented by local and international organizations which operate in Kosovo;
  9. You will be present in all key activities of "EcoFriend" which will be manifested in the squares of the main cities in Kosovo (participation is free);
  10. You will be able to share various information through the network database of "EcoFriend", and you could benefit data through questionnaires that volunteers of “Green Clubs” will be able to provide during their field activities.


With your involvement in the network "EcoFriend" you will directly contribute to the increase of public awareness in our country with respect to the environmental issues. Also, you will directly support the community and each of us since Green Clubs represent our youth.  By contributing to the network "EcoFriend" you will give students throughout Kosovo the opportunity to be active with their clubs, in this way you will improve their everyday life. Green Art Center - Prishtina (GAC) and all members of the network "EcoFriend" hope that you will invest your time and energy to help us in the waste separation process and in the support of “Green Clubs”.

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